Calanques de Piana Cliffs

Southern Corsica

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Calanques de Piana Cliffs

One of the island's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the wondrous cliffs of Piana are best seen in the evening when the natural reds of the earth light up in the rays of the setting sun. Another way to see the cliffs is from the water, on a boat cruise in the Gulf of Porto.

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Southern Corsica boasts a wealth of natural beauty, ranging from the imposing Bonifacio cliffs to the majestic landscapes of the island's interior, as well as its idyllic white-sand beaches and deserted islands just a stone's throw from the coast. With its vibrant hues of yellow and orange, Ajaccio is yet another captivating highlight of this region. Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of activities to enjoy amidst these awe-inspiring landscapes.