La Bodega (Bonifacio)

Southern Corsica

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La Bodega (Bonifacio)

Despite its very central location, Bonifacio's La Bodega is far from a tourist trap. Dishes served here are honest Corsican classics, with grilled meats flavoured with island herbs and the Bonifacio-style aubergine enjoying particular popularity.


Corsican charcuterie is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality, thanks in large part to the island's unique breed of pigs, which are cross-bred with wild boar and fed on natural chestnuts — a traditional staple that has also made its way into modern cuisine in dishes such as "pulenta" (chestnut porridge) and "fritelli a gaju frescu" (chestnut fritters). Additionally, the island's cuisine features a variety of other local specialities, including fish, seafood, and game. One of the most famous dishes on the island is the "civet de sanglier," a casserole made with wild boar.