Le Santana (Sagone)

Southern Corsica

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Le Santana (Sagone)

Located on the west coast of Corsica, Le Santana is a perfect blend of exceptional cuisine and breathtaking views. Situated directly on the beach, it offers patrons a front-row seat to witness the island's spectacular sunsets while enjoying a wide selection of superb fish and seafood dishes.


Corsican charcuterie is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality, thanks in large part to the island's unique breed of pigs, which are cross-bred with wild boar and fed on natural chestnuts — a traditional staple that has also made its way into modern cuisine in dishes such as "pulenta" (chestnut porridge) and "fritelli a gaju frescu" (chestnut fritters). Additionally, the island's cuisine features a variety of other local specialities, including fish, seafood, and game. One of the most famous dishes on the island is the "civet de sanglier," a casserole made with wild boar.