The majority of resorts throughout the Turks and Caicos offer free Wi-Fi service in the individual rooms. If they don't, you will have access in the public areas so you can keep up with email and the Internet.


The country code for the Turks and Caicos is 649. To call the Turks and Caicos from the United States, dial 1 plus the 10-digit number, which includes the 649 prefix. Be aware that this is an international call. Calls from the islands are expensive, and many hotels add steep surcharges for long distance.

Calling Within the Turks and Caicos

To make local calls, just dial the seven-digit number. Most hotels and resorts charge for local calls, usually 50¢ a minute.

Calling Outside the Turks and Caicos

To call the United States, dial 1, then the area code, and the seven-digit number. If you get a recording saying the number is out of service, try again. This is usually not the case, and your call will go through on the second try.

Mobile Phones

Before leaving home, contact your service provider to find out if you have coverage in Turks and Caicos. Chances are your phone will work here. However, roaming fees can be steep, with 99¢ a minute considered reasonable.

If your own cell phone doesn't work in the TCI, or you wish to avoid the cost of such a privilege, you can rent one from a local provider, through either Lime or Digicel. Local cell-phone coverage is very good; you'll even get reception on most of the uninhabited cays. Also be aware that many toll-free numbers are not free of charge when you make the call from Turks and Caicos; you will be notified by an automated service before the call is connected, and the rate is for an international call.

If you just want to be able to make local calls, consider buying a new SIM card; you may need to have your provider unlock your phone for this use. You will also need a prepaid service plan. You'll then have a local number and can make local calls at local rates. As an alternative, you can purchase a new cell phone once you’ve landed and pick up prepaid minutes as you go. Ask your car-rental company or villa management if they offer free loaner cell phones. Grace Bay Car Rentals is one that does; many other companies do as well. You can add value online or at kiosks all over the island, and incoming calls are free.


Digicel TCI. Digicel provides service to almost half of the island's residents. They offer both prepaid and postpaid services with inexpensive models you can purchase as a visitor to the islands. Graceway Plaza, Leeward Hwy., Providenciales. 649/331–3444;

LIME. LIME provides prepaid and postpaid services. You can find their office on Leeward Highway, mid-island, as well as on Front Street in Grand Turk. They have a variety of phones that you may purchase to use while visiting. 649/946–2200; 611; 800/804–2994;


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